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Call for Artists for HUTN 2016

Call for Artists – Hastings Urban Tree Nursery:
Concrete Tree Planter

Issue Date: May 10, 2016

Submission deadline: May 27, 2016

The Strathcona Business Improvement Association (SBIA) is seeking applications from qualified Vancouver artists to paint concrete tree planters as part of the Hastings Urban Tree Nursery (HUTN) expansion.

The SBIA is a non-profit organization that represents business and commercial property owners in the Strathcona area. The aim of the SBIA is to build a co-operative, safe, and vibrant Strathcona through innovative programming and community collaboration.


In 2014, the SBIA installed the HUTN, a series of concrete planters housing young trees that will grow under the care of local businesses until ready for transplantation to
permanent locations. The HUTN benefits the local community in many ways including supporting the local economy, providing new skills training for community members, and providing an otherwise concrete landscape with beauty, shade, and new insect and bird habitat.

This year the SBIA has expanded the HUTN to include community designed benches and concrete planters at new locations. The SBIA is currently inviting proposals from artists to paint the concrete planters. In particular, works that engage with local community, heritage and culture, as well as natural elements are sought. Painted planters will be part of the urban streetscape and should enliven and enrich Strathcona while reflecting the values and goals of the HUTN and SBIA.

The area to be painted on each planter is approximately 113”x36” (w x h).

Two artists will be chosen and each artist will be commissioned to paint one planter. Each selected artist will receive a stipend of $500.

The SBIA will provide paint materials up to a maximum of $100 per planter. After painting, planters will be coated with a clear product to protect against graffiti damage.


• Submit one proposed design for the planter. The proposed design should be clearly marked and distinguished from portfolio images submitted
• Submit up to 4 numbered portfolio images
• If submitting by email, all images should be jpg files wiht 300 dpi. List names or descriptions of images by number in the body of the email
• Submission of proposed planter design and up to 4 numbered images may also be made by mail or in person at the SBIA office (address below). Include a list of names or descriptions of images by number
• No other media will be considered.

• List of images clearly identified with names or descriptions
• CV
• Artist’s statement
• If submitting by mail or in person, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope, if you wish to have your images returned. Materials without a SASE or adequate postage will not be returned.

Please send submission to:


1222 Hastings St East
Vancouver BC
V6A 1S6

Submissions will be accepted until 4pm, Thursday May 27, 2016.