Community Benches

As part of the 2016 Hastings Urban Tree Nursery expansion, three beautiful new benches have been added to the Strathcona streetscape. You’ll find them at 649 E Hastings Street, 901 E Hastings Street, and 477 Powell Street. Haeccity Architecture, a small architecture firm located in Strathcona, approached SBIA with a customizable bench design and generously offered to donate the design and their services for the HUTN.

Community Design Workshop

Community members designing benches at the Haeccity workshop
Early stages of bench with communal table design
Early design stages of a bench with a communal table











On February 18th, SBIA and Haeccity held a Bench Design Workshop open to all SBIA members and the public. Sixteen people attended and collaboratively customized the Haeccity bench design to suit the desires of the businesses at each location. The finalized bench designs were sent out for multiple quotes for fabrication of the steel and wood portions. SBIA members returned the most favourable quotes and Quest Metal Works and MakerLabs were selected to manufacture the steel chassis and the wood slats, respectively.

Manufacturing and Installation

Staff member at Quest Metal Works welding metal pieces
Team from Maker Labs installing the bench outside Liquids and Solids.
Team from Maker Labs installing the bench outside of Liquids and Solids












Haeccity donated reclaimed fir beams they had salvaged from the previous MakerLabs location in Mount Pleasant when it was demolished in 2015. The benches were installed in August and September 2016 by MakerLabs. Check out these awesome benches around the neighbourhood and let us know if you have a favourite design!


Bench at 901 E Hastings Street
Bench outside of Liquids and Solids, 901 E Hastings Street


Bench at 649 E Hastings Street
Bench outside of Homestead Junction, 649 E Hastings Street


Bench at 477 Powell Street
Bench outside of the Uncommon Cafe, 477 Powell Street


Do you think your business is a good candidate for a HUTN tree planter or bench outside your storefront? Contact the SBIA sustainability coordinator,, to find out more about participating in the HUTN 2017 expansion.