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Exchange Inner City – Eastside Local Card Launch Party

What is Exchange Inner City?

Exchange Inner City is a community backbone organization that works with DTES residents, CED actors and policy makers to build a more vibrant and inclusive local economy. Exchange Inner City collectively fosters a vibrant and inclusive local economy where all residents can prosper and live full and rewarding lives.

The mandates is to ensure that nonprofits, and low income serving businesses can access affordable commercial space, and to promote greater community ownership of neighborhood assets through investment vehicles, such as land trusts. Their latest initiative includes a local card for DTES residents called The Eastside Local Card.

The Eastside Local Card

This card is free for local residents giving cardholders discounts or special offers as determined by participating businesses.

Participating businesses in Strathcona area:

  • S2 Cafe House
  • UGM Thrift Store
  • Uncommon Cafe

Interested in getting your own Local Card or being a participating business? More information can be found at

Local Card Launch Party

To find out more in person how get your very own Local Card, learn more about how the?card?works and the participating businesses that you can use it at check out the Local Card Launch Party hosted by Exchange Inner City.


When: Friday June 8th, 1pm – 4pm

Where: EMBERS Eastside Works – 57 E. Hastings St.


Click here to register for this free event.