No time-limit metered parking pilot

A no time-limit metered parking pilot is coming to the Strathcona BIA area

Paystation photoAvailability of parking for employees is a long-standing issue in the Strathcona BIA area. We know this issue remains a key concern for area employers because it came up often in our recent MAP Strathcona engagement efforts. Streets in the SBIA area serve both long-term parking demand, including commuters and residents, and short-term parking demand, usually customers and resident visitors. Testing new street parking approaches and solutions, including dynamic parking rates or more flexible time limits, is marked as an action in our Mobility Advocacy Plan. It is exciting that we already see momentum with this action!

The City is planning to pilot no time-limit metered parking at various locations throughout the SBIA starting in March 2018. The aim is to help increase parking availability and more efficiently manage limited curb space. They will introduce approximately 100 metered parking spots without time limits to better manage both short-term and long-term demand. This equates to less than 10% of the current unregulated parking spots in the area.

Typically, metered parking in the City of Vancouver allows vehicles to be parked in one location for a maximum of two hours – much less than a typical work shift. In the areas to be piloted with no time-limit metered parking, drivers may pay to park for as much time as they require.

Chris Darwent from the City of Vancouver recently presented more information on the pilot program to the SBIA membership at the MAP Strathcona Launch event on February 8th 2018.


Cost: $1/hour

Time in effect: 9am – 10pm

Implementation: pay-by-plate paystations (accept coins or credit cards or you can use the paybyphone app)


MAP of no time-limit metered parking

List of No Time-Limit Metered Parking Pilot Areas
300 Railway St North Side
500 Alexander St North Side
600 Powell St North Side
300 Dunlevy Ave East Side
400 Heatley Ave (Hastings St to lane) East Side
300 Hawks Ave Both Sides
300 Glen Drive Both Sides
500 Vernon Drive East Side

Timeline and Evaluation

timeline of pilot2

The installation of no time-limit metered parking is a relatively new way of regulating curb space in Vancouver. The City will be closely monitoring its impact on parking availability throughout 2018 to determine the best way to move forward in 2019 and beyond. Feedback from the SBIA and its members will help the City in its evaluation. The expectation is that this pilot will improve parking performance in the SBIA area. The City target for average observed occupancy in the parking areas of the pilot is between 60% – 85%.

Please send any questions or comments to We will direct your communications to the City Parking department who are leading the pilot project.