Scam affecting businesses in Vancouver

Scams Affecting Businesses in Vancouver

VPD warns scammers are manually overriding Point of Sales machines

Warning of a scam affecting businesses in Vancouver warrants a reminder to always be diligent when handing over the Credit Card machine to customers. The Vancouver Police Department believes scammers are able to manually override Point of Sales machines through knowledge of the factory default setting for the Manager’s Password.

How the scam works
  1. The Point of Sale machine is handed to the customer. The employee walks away to give the customer privacy while they input their PIN number.
  2. The scammer does not put the credit/debit card all the way into the machine.
  3. The scammer is very familiar with how the point of sale machine works and proceeds to go through the Manual Override procedure and manually punches in stolen credit card information into the machine.
  4. The sale is accepted and the scammer walks away with the merchandise.
  5. You later find out that a stolen credit card was used and the banks are asking why you used the manual override code. Your business is stuck with the unpaid bill.
Police Advice

Make sure the card is pushed all the way into the point of sale machine and watch that the customer only punches in a 4 digit PIN code and nothing else.

Do not walk away from the point of sale machine thinking you are giving the customer privacy. There is a small shield on the machine that already provides privacy.

If the customer starts punching in more than the standard 4 number security PIN, cancel the transaction and have them do it the proper way.

If the customer complains that you are standing there watching them punch in their PIN number, tell them you have been warned by local police that scammers are manually punching in stolen credit card numbers.

The point of sale machine comes with a standard default Manager Password that should be changed to become your individual store password.

Canada Revenue Agency phone scam still active

This scam has been operating for some time now, but people and businesses are still falling victim to it. People are called on the telephone and tricked into thinking they owe tax money and if they don’t pay right away the local police will come and arrest them. This is not true.

Scammers are becoming proficient in manipulating call display, including the displays “Canada Revenue Agency”, “RCMP”, or “Vancouver Police” and have often obtained personal information about you from phone lists or online profiles.

Police Advice

No government agency or any police department in Canada is going to telephone you and threaten you with arrest if you don?t pay in Bitcoin or gift cards.? Just hang up the phone and ignore the calls.

Learn more on the CRA website.

BC Hydro phone scam

In this scam someone claiming to work for BC Hydro calls your business telling you that you have an outstanding bill and need to pay right away otherwise the power will be disconnected.

Call display often shows a BC hydro number, but it is fake. The scammer will ask for your business e-mail and then will send a fake invoice with a Bitcoin account number.

Police Advice

Tell the caller that you have been warned by police about the telephone scam and that you will only pay your bills the regular way.? Tell them BC Hydro does not ask its customers to pay by Bitcoin or Gift Cards.? Then hang up the phone.

Learn more on the BC Hydro Website.