Strathcona BIA Members Facebook Group Sign-up

Strathcona BIA Members Facebook Group Sign-up

Stay connected with fellow Strathcona business and property owners and operators by joining our private facebook group.

It’s a place to share, comment, and engage in conversations to continually push the vision of a thriving neighbourhood.

  • Want to host an event?
  • Meet up with other local business owners?
  • Hold a workshop?
  • Share resources?
  • Spark a conversation?

This is the place for that! We are here to support one another in building a thriving community.

There are two ways a business and property owner and operators to join our gang:
1. A existing member or SBIA staff member adds individual business and property owner and operators (not business groups) to this community. In this scenario, the member or staff will post a brief intro about the individual that is being added, your organization, where you’re located in Strathcona, how long you’ve been part of Strathcona and anything they’ve done to contribute to a thriving community, etc. and tag the admin on duty so they can approve the request.
Example Post: “Hi SBIA Members and admin, <tag moderator’s name>. I’d like to add <tagged person you want to add> to the group. He is the owner of XXX company and has been part of SBIA since 2012. He’s an active community leader in organizing community initiatives and I believe they will be a great contributor to our thriving community.”
2. You request to be added. In this scenario, you’ll look to see who is the admin on duty for that day and send them a brief intro as per above. They’ll let you know when you’re approved and copy/paste your intro to the group page.
NOTE: Members must be business and property owner and operators based in the Strathcona catchment area. See area at under Members.