We offer a variety
of programs aimed at
Strathcona’s unique needs.

Mission / Vision

The Strathcona area is a place of history, rich diversity and long-standing independent businesses.

We aim to support the industrial lands, foster sustainability, revitalize East Hastings Street and continue to provide opportunities for new entrepreneurs.

Our vision is for Strathcona members to thrive in a mixed-use, inclusive, resilient and prosperous local economy.

It is our mission to promote a strong local economy through advocacy, cultivating relationships, supporting business participation in the community, delivering innovative programs and fostering community leaders.

For more information on BIAs, visit the City of Vancouver’s BIA page.

Staff & Board

We are always happy to bring in new members to help on our committees: Community Relations, Marketing & Communications and Sustainability. Please contact the office for more information.

The Board of Directors is comprised of members of the SBIA – property owners and business owners who volunteer their time, skills and experience to oversee the organization’s governance and operations. The Board of Directors is supported by a team of dedicated staff.

Board of Directors

Our Members

The Strathcona BIA catchment area stretches from Clark Drive in the east to Gore Avenue in the west, and from Railway Street in the north to Venables Street in the south.

Strathcona’s zoning allows for the growth of a wide variety of businesses with strong opportunities for local procurement. We have 850 members, 70% of which are industrial in nature. Also, East Hastings is being revitalized and an increasing number of food-based and high-tech businesses have been entering the area.

Industry Sectors
  • 21% – Food & Food Manufacturing
  • 15% – Manufacturing
  • 12% – Retail & Hospitality
  • 9% – Trades
  • 9% – Wholesale and Trade
  • 8% – Automotive
  • 8% – Professional Services
  • 7% – High-tech
  • 6% – Community Association
  • 5% – Artist Studio
Cumulative Property Value
  • $677,207,501 – May 2016
  • $583,455,290 – May 2015
  • $544,011,700 – March 2014
  • $494,963,900 – May 2013
  • $431,242,160 – June 2012


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