We offer a variety
of programs aimed at
Strathcona’s unique needs.

Illuminate Strathcona

The Strathcona BIA is launching a grant program for property and business owners who want to better illuminate their buildings and adjacent streets. This program will help improve building security, sustainability, and aesthetics, while enhancing the comfort level at night for all who visit, work, and live here.

How it works

Grants are available for:

Replacement or new exterior LED lighting on buildings

We’ll cover 50% of costs, up to $1500. You must obtain a quote for your LED lighting upgrade project from a licensed vendor. Provide the quote of proposed work in a simple online application. Grants must be pre-approved and will be paid upon completion of work and presentation of receipts to SBIA.

Upgrading adjacent public street lamps to LED light fixtures

We’ll cover 50% of the costs per block, up to $2000. The SBIA can work with you to determine if any neighbouring properties and businesses are interested in contributing to upgrading the public street lamps on your block to LED light fixtures. The City of Vancouver is able to install LED lights in public street lamps, but require additional funding (not within current City operational budgets). The SBIA will support scheduling the installation of new LED street lights with City crews, collecting funds from contributing businesses, and covering 50% of costs per block up to $2000. Product and installation costs per fixture is approximately $770.

Additional Details

Proposed lighting projects intended for improving energy efficiency, security purposes or aesthetic enhancement of your building are all eligible.

Eligible Costs

  • New or replacement energy efficient exterior lighting fixtures and light-up signage
  • All associated electrical work and components to service the new or replacement exterior lighting fixtures
  • Associated installation costs for the exterior fixtures
  • Product and installation costs associated with installing LED light fixtures in public street lamps

Ineligible costs

  • Interior demolition
  • Operating or regular maintenance costs (including costs of electricity)
  • New construction or reconstruction not related to the exterior lighting elements

Additional Requirements

  • Applications must be received and approved by the SBIA in advance of any work proceeding in order to receive a grant
  • Proposed lighting projects must use energy efficient technology, such as LED light fixtures

MAP Strathcona

Mobility Advocacy Plan for our business district

With grant support from the Real Estate Foundation of BC, we undertook a unique and innovative project to develop a Mobility Advocacy Plan (MAP Strathcona) for our business district the first of its kind in Canada.

After an 8 month project process, we are excited to be launching our Mobility Advocacy Plan: a community-based vision and action plan to achieve shared mobility objectives for the Strathcona area.

Read the completed plan here.

Intended as a learning guide for other BIAs, we’ve created a case study of our project process, results, and lessons learned. Read the case study here.

MAP Strathcona Project By Numbers

The project explored a range of transportation and mobility issues and solutions. This included goods movement, transit, curbside uses, active transportation, car and bike sharing opportunities, and parking. We’ve worked hard to ensure MAP Strathcona reflects the needs and wishes of our members.

Here is the resulting Mobility Advocacy Plan at a glance.

Four high-level objectives inform the action plan:
  • Improve employee transportation options
  • Support efficient goods movement
  • Improve active transportation facilities and connections
  • Improve transit facilities and services
Seven Quick Start Actions
to be initiated within the next 6 to 8 months
Roll Out Green Commuting Program

Develop coordinated program linking employers with existing organizations (e.g. TravelSmart), mobility providers (e.g. Modo), and services (e.g. Spare Rides) to support and encourage more sustainable commuting choices and reduce employee parking needs.

District Parking Pilot

Work with the City and development partners of new buildings in Strathcona to pilot a district parking approach. Look at more flexible options for parking spaces in private developments (e.g. public parking, carshare spots, secure bike parking).

Productions and Constructions

A parking management initiative to explore a no net impact parking program for area construction projects and film productions.

Lab on the Street

A green mobility and transportation pilot. Help SBIA members, particularly goods movement stakeholders, take advantage of new approaches to industry mobility issues. For example, testing new technologies around route choice and efficiency, delivery logistics, and fleet fuel conversion.

New 95 B-Line bus stop

Advocate for a new 95 B-Line stop in Strathcona at or near Heatley Avenue. Opportunity for SBIA to advocate for improved bus stop amenities and safety features at existing transit stops in the area.

State of the Streets - Annual Report

An annual MAP Strathcona report at the AGM to inform members on action implementation and impacts. Could be supplemented by a yearly “snap shot” SBIA survey of members.

Shared Mobility - BIA Partnership Initiative

Meet annually with other Vancouver BIAs to discuss transportation and opportunities to work on joint advocacy to leverage shared benefits.

Eight Medium-Term Actions
to be initiated within the next 18 months
Bicycle network connections

Support the development of a north-south bicycle connection on Heatley Avenue between the Union-Adanac cooridor bike route and planned bikeway on Alexander Street.

SBIA parking shuttle feasibility study

Determine feasibility of establishing a parking shuttle to and from underused parking facilities in nearby neighbourhoods (e.g. Chinatown parkade, Gastown parkade).

Goods movement pilot program exploration

Determine advocacy role in additional goods movement pilots, such as a goods-movement hub or transfer station to support load consolidation or green last mile delivery.

Lab on the Street 2

A street parking pilot program. Work with City of Vancouver’s parking department to test new street parking strategies and approaches, including dynamic parking rates and more flexible time limits.

Most Walkable Street 2021

Continue with public realm improvements on East Hastings Street to help make it Canada’s most walkable street by 2021.

Commercial alley improvements

Work with the City of Vancouver for improved management of commercial-only alleys, including advocating for repaving of key alleys, improved signage and way finding, enforcement, and cleaning.

MAP Assets - asset sharing initiave

Link SBIA businesses with unused assets (e.g. bike storage, parking) to other members who may need it through on-line sharing/listing platform or other opportunities.

Charge It - EV charging station program

Work with members, developers, carshare companies and City to prepare for future EV charging space needs.

Spot Improvements Action

This action is to be pursued over the life of the plan as opportunities and City capital plans permit. We will continue to identify and prioritize spot mobility and transportation improvements (e.g. developing marked pedestrian crosswalks, improving crossings with corner bulges, better lighting, longer cross times etc.)

Ongoing feedback and engagement

This Mobility Advocacy Plan will function as a working document with built in review and check-in points with members. There is flexibility to make adjustments based on member feedback, as well as based on opportunities and partnerships that come up. Any questions or comments? Please be in touch with Johanna at johanna@strathconabia.com.

Learn about transportation changes that may impact your business

As part of this project we put together a summary of all the upcoming transportation changes in our neighbourhood that could impact your businesses – from the Viaducts removal to HOV lane changes on Hastings.?Read the Project Backgrounder here.


We work with various stakeholders, including the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Police Department, Vancouver Coastal Health and many others, to ensure businesses have a voice in policy and land use.


The City of Vancouver Council passed the Local Area Planning Process (LAPP) in March 2014. The Strathcona BIA invested significant time and resources to ensure business interests were heard.

Local Area Plan for the Downtown Eastside

Commercial Property Tax

 Rising property tax has been one of the greatest challenges facing local businesses in Strathcona. Last year, the SBIA introduced the Strathcona Tax Empowerment Program (STEP). As part of STEP, every member of the SBIA benefited from a commercial tax agent’s opinion on their 2019 commercial property assessment. For 2020 we want to equip you with the tools to investigate the appeal process. To assist you with this we created the 2020 Appeal Process Toolkit.

Sustainable Transportation

The SBIA developed a comprehensive plan, MAP Strathcona for transportation in the Strathcona business district. The includes goods movement, transit, curbside uses, active transportation, car and bike sharing opportunities, and parking. We’ve worked hard to ensure MAP Strathcona reflects the needs and wishes of our members.

Area Beautification

Working with members and the community to create and maintain a safe, vibrant environment for all.

With such a large and diverse catchment area, the SBIA offers a variety of beautification programs including:

Flower Baskets & Banners

We decorate East Hastings with flower baskets each year from Spring until Fall. Every two years, we post new banners promoting our Made In Strathcona Program.


The Hastings Urban Tree Nursery (HUTN) was launched in 2014 with its second phase launched in 2016. The HUTN has been supported in part by the City of Vancouver and the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. The HUTN aims to beautify the streetscape with greenery and planters decorated with lively designs by local artists.


The Strathcona BIA has worked with property owners, artists and the City to install murals throughout the area. Please contact us if you would like to have a mural on your building. The BIA can help find artists, support the application process and contribute funding in part.

Community Safety

Working toward a cleaner and safer Strathcona.

Please use the following programs to help keep your property and area clean.

Strathcona Resources

Download and post this information sheet at your business to have access to all Strathcona Resources in one place.

Community Safety Service

The Strathcona Community Safety Service provided by Paladin Security is available seven days a week during business hours. Please call 604-789-4143.


Goodbye Graffiti provides graffiti removal services on member properties. Please call 1-877-684-4747 or email Vancouver@goodbyegraffiti to report tags on your building. Removing graffiti as quickly as possible prevents tags from accumulating and helps maintain a positive perception of the area.

Street Cleaning

In partnership with the City of Vancouver, Coast Mental Health, United We Can and Mission Possible, we provide weekday street cleaning, which includes the pickup of litter, small debris and needles. If you notice problem areas, please contact the SBIA office at 604.258.2727 or info@strathconabia.com

Private Property Debris Cleanup Program

The program is intended for larger volumes of debris like furniture, large electronics, household garbage in excess of two large bags and for hazardous waste and needles.

To submit a request, please fill out?THIS FORM?or contact the SBIA office through email:info@strathconabia.com or phone: 604-258-2727.


Please call 311 from within Vancouver to report garbage, graffiti, road or park disrepair on public property. You can also report using the VanConnect app, which can be downloaded here.

Needle Pick Up

The Portland Hotel Society provides the Needle Pick Up Program, which is available seven days a week. Please call 604-657-6561 and leave a phone number and detailed message.

VPD Non-Emergency

For the Vancouver Police Department, non-emergency, please call 604-717-9921.

Transit Police Information

For transit police information please call 604-515-8300.



Made In Strathcona

It’s where independent businesses come to thrive.

Strathcona is a place of manufacturing heritage. Thousands of businesses have planted their roots here. Currently, over 850 members populate the area, making it one of the most stable and celebrated Vancouver communities.

Made In Strathcona is the Strathcona BIA?s marketing and economic development initiative. For more information, please visit the Made in Strathcona website. If you?d like to get involved, please contact the SBIA office at 604.258.2727 or info@strathconabia.com

Recycle In Strathcona

Premiere zero waste services exclusive to our members

Recycle In Strathcona is an innovative, comprehensive and cost effective recycling service provided to SBIA members by Recycling Alternative and Shift Delivery.

Recycle In Strathcona Benefits for Your Business 2017

In a existing contract for recycling services? You can still participate in convenient on-demand collections as required for hard to recycle materials such as styrofoam, electronic waste, batteries, and light bulbs. Download the poster here.

For more information about services or rates, please contact Recycling Alternative at strathcona@recyclingalternative.com or 604-874-7283.

Click here to read more.