COVID-19: Be safe. Stay Connected.

COVID-19: Stepping Up Safety in Strathcona

Our Safety Program now operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To support our membership and the needs of the community, we have stepped up where we can when it comes to safety and security, and we’re doing it in partnership with other BIAs. The Patrol team can be reached at: 604-789-4143.

The program has transitioned to a single patroller operating the marked SBIA patrol vehicle. This is to ensure we are meeting provincial health guidelines to allow them to maintain a safe physical distance from others while working. Rigorous sanitation practices as directed by government health authorities are also in place.

A reminder of Patrol duties and how the team can help: 

  • Provide a safe presence in the area and vital eyes on the street.
  • Conduct daily hot-spot checks and check on businesses that have temporarily closed.
  • Report all activity witnessed during their shift, including debris, graffiti, illegal activity, and help report vehicle and property crime.
  • Identify areas in need of additional SBIA, Police, or City resources.
  • Respond to member calls for service, offering advice and support where needed and directing emergencies to the relevant services. 

To inform the SBIA of your business closure or adjusted hours, please email

Things you can do to enhance safety at your business location:

  • Move items away from windows and put everything out of sight, or alternatively, remove any valuables from the space all together.

  • Have working alarms and strong locks.

  • If possible, install a security camera.

  • Do not leave your front-door or alcove messy and remember to pick-up your mail.

  • Leave no money behind on the premises.

  • Leave your lights on. Greater visibility will deter crime and help our night patrol team do their job.

  • Put shutters on windows to minimize damage.

  • Some businesses have moved to board up their businesses as an additional precaution.

The Vancouver Police Department has shared a Security Audit Checklist to help prevent theft and after hours break-ins. Download and print the Security Audit Checklist here

Finally, you are welcome to send us your emergency contact information (a cellphone number) so we may reach you if something happens at your business or property. Please reach out to

Online Crime Reporting

In the case you need to report a non-emergency crime, the VDP is encouraging online crime reporting. You can report the following non-emergency situations online if there is no element of violence:

  • Something valued under $10,000 was stolen from you

  • Your property and/or your vehicle is vandalized with the repair cost expected to be under $10,000

  • Your car is broken into

  • Your bank card/cheques are used without your permission and the total loss is less than $10,000

For all other non-emergency crime reports, you can call the non-emergency line at 604-717-3321.

How does online crime reporting work?

The process works by submitting a report through an online questionnaire. Your report will be reviewed within 24 hours by VPD staff. The information will either be entered into their records management system or you will be contacted by an officer for follow-up. A Vancouver Police Incident number will be generated and sent within 48 hours of your submission that can be used for an insurance claim. 

The types of questions you will be asked include the date and location of the incident, your contact information, any details required such as your vehicle’s license plate or value of items lost or stolen, and a summary of what happened. 

If you are looking for more resources, visit the dedicated COVID-19 resources page on our blog that we update as information comes online.