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False Creek Flats Expansion

The Strathcona Business Improvement Association (SBIA) is currently exploring a possible expansion of our existing Business Improvement Area (BIA) to incorporate businesses and properties in the False Creek Flats (FCF) area. The SBIA has been representing the interests of property and business owners in Strathcona (Gore Avenue to Clark Drive, waterfront to Venables Street) for over 10 years. Our goal is to develop and enhance business conditions in your area, and advocate for the continued existence of industrial lands in Vancouver’s centre.

While most BIAs are centred around retail districts, the SBIA differs in that the majority of its members are industrial businesses. We have a core mandate focused on sustainability and our work on sustainability has attracted a lot of positive attention to the businesses in the community from across Vancouver, BC, and North America.

We have been working on a FCF green business initiative for the past two years with a number of community partners and the City of Vancouver. We see sustainability as comprising the economic, environmental and social viability of this area?s commercial properties and businesses well into the future.

All BIAs are funded by a small annual levy applied to commercial and light industrial properties, assessed by the City of Vancouver after a formal approval process. Most commercial leases permit property owners to pass the cost of a levy to business tenants. For more information about the structure and function of a BIA, please visit

For more information please contact the SBIA office at 604.258.2727 or email

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